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Why Makanyuk?

Indonesia, especially Jakarta have so many places to eat. Not even counting street-side stalls, the city have more than 3000 restaurants, cafés, and bars. Most of these businesses are thriving, because of one underlying fact: Indonesians love eating.

The choices are mind-boggling

Customers looking for something that they want are faced with hard choices. They want to find what they want, and to go there with the minimum of hassle. They do not want to waste time, and in the case of Jakarta, to be stuck in traffic to find something that is not there. They need a guide. A friendly guide.

A fast and easy to use guide

Many of restaurant's potential customers are working professionals. They are technologically-minded, savvy, and have plenty of disposable income. They want quality, but they also want simplicity. This is where comes in: we create a fast and easy to use guide for exploring eateries in Indonesia.

What can makanyuk do to for you, restaurant owners? provides a guide for customers to find what they really want. You, as owners, give them what they want: information. What do customers want to know:

A searchable name and address database
Customers would want to be able to enter your restaurant name and/or keywords and get the most information quickly.
Clear categorization
When people want to eat Japanese food, they just want to look for Japanese food. If they want to eat close to their home, they'll look based on area. If they know the name and just want to see the details, the will use the search or look in the alphabetical index. And so on.
Important things
Customers want to know important and crucial things: your business hours, your phone numbers, the credit cards that you accept. They want quick results in finding answers.
Extended information
After getting to know the important things, they would of course want to see your menu, whether you there are any pictures of the place, any entertainers scheduled. Then they'll be happy, and you will too. provides all those information and one more crucial thing: all of the information are current, as current as you want. Why? Because once you are a member, you can update the information how much often as you like! So, what are you waiting for, go sign up right now!