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Cikajang RestaurantWolter Mongisidi 50 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7245587
Sate CawangOtto Iskandardinata 450 - Jakarta Timur(021)8194728
Sate Kambing Ibu YantiPLN Duren Tiga 11 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7986225
Sate Khas SenayanPakubuwono VI/6 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7262752
Sate Khas SenayanBalai Pustaka Timur 3 - Jakarta Timur(021)4755555
Sate Khas SenayanHOS Cokroaminoto 76-78 - Jakarta Pusat(021)334243
Sate Khas SenayanKebon Sirih 31 A - Jakarta Pusat(021)323793
Sate Khas SenayanKemang Raya 7 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7181376
Sate Khas SenayanMelawai Raya 191 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7246109
Sate Khas SenayanSalemba Raya 57-59 - Jakarta Timur(021)3926279
Sate Khas SenayanKompl Rukan Bintaro Jaya BI 3 A/A-2/3-3 A - Jakarta Selatan(021)7371124
Sate TegalRuko Pamulang Permai I BI SH-2/20 - Jabotabek Ciputat(021)7408069