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Bawakaraeng RestaurantAmpera Raya 16 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7802630
Laut Makassar RestoranBulevar Raya Bl. PA-11/20 - Jakarta Utara(021)4501526
Mamink Da'eng TataCasablanca 33 - Jakarta Selatan(021)8315555
Mamink Da'eng TataTebet Utara I/77C - Jakarta Selatan(021)8350034
Sop Konro KarebosiBoulevard Raya Bl. TA-2/38 - Jakarta Utara021-4520990
Sop Konro KarebosiBoulevard Raya Bl. TA-2/35 - Jakarta Utara(021)4520567
Tamalatea RestaurantKrekot I/40G - Jakarta Pusat(021)3813447