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Texas Fried ChickenWijaya II, Komp. Wijaya Graha Puri Bl. F/33-34 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7202982
Texas Fried ChickenKomplek Green Garden Bl. D-1 A, Green Garden - Jakarta Barat(021)5828516
Texas Fried ChickenMal Taman Anggrek 316 (Lt. 3) - Jakarta Barat(021)5639093
Texas Fried ChickenPlaza Cempaka Mas - Jakarta Utara(021)42880651
Texas Fried ChickenPasar Festival Shop Unit UG-47 - Jakarta Selatan(021)5263270
Wendy's BurgerBintaro Plaza Bl. B - Jakarta Selatan(021)7353956
Wendy's BurgerCinere Raya Bl. A/3 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7532041
Wendy's BurgerGarnisun Dalam 8 - Jakarta Selatan(021)5745677
Wendy's BurgerHR Rasuna Said Kav X-7/6 Plaza 89 - Jakarta Selatan(021)2520470
Wendy's BurgerJendral Sudirman Kav 1 Wisma 46 Kota BNI - Jakarta Selatan(021)5711285
Wendy's BurgerNew Delhi 9 - Jakarta Pusat(021)5725264
Wendy's BurgerPintu Air Raya 58-64 Istana Pasar Baru Plaza 1017- - Jakarta Pusat(021)3521438
Wendy's BurgerPuri Agung Mall Puri Indah - Jakarta Barat(021)5822401
Wendy's BurgerSultan Hasanuddin Mall Blok M - Jakarta Selatan(021)7210554
Wendy's BurgerMal Ciputra Unit 1 & 48 - Jakarta Barat(021)5681475
Wendy's BurgerPondok Indah Mall - Jakarta Selatan(021)7506971
Yaki Yaki TeiDharmawangsa Square City Walk, Dharmawangsa VI/9 - Jakarta Selatan(021)72786650/40