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Pisa KafeGereja Theresia 1 - Jakarta Pusat(021)3100151
Planet HollywoodJendral Gatot Subroto Kav 16 - Jakarta Selatan(021)5267827
Regal CaféAsia Afrika No. 8 Plaza Senayan - Jakarta Pusat(021)5725216
Relasi CaféPanjang 333 - Jakarta Barat(021)5332490
Salsa CaféKemang Raya 10 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7195556
Sportsman BarPalatehan I/6-8 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7393643
Tator CafeDharmawangsa Square City Walk, Dharmawangsa VI/9 - Jakarta Selatan(021)72788356
Tik Tok KafeBarito II/45 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7243994
Tornado CoffeeBangka Raya A3 - Jakarta Selatan(021)71792662
Turmeric CaféJendral Sudirman Kav 10-11 Mid Plaza 1 - Jakarta Pusat(021)
Twilite CaféKemang Raya 24A - Jakarta Selatan(021)7194302
Victoria CaféAsia Afrika 8 Plaza Senayan Lt.1/168 C-170-172 C - Jakarta Pusat(021)5725108
Vinotica Wine CornerKemang Raya 32 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7194539
WWWOK! CaféKemang Raya 9 J-K - Jakarta Selatan(021)7193928
ZanzibarSultan Hasanuddin Kav 47-51 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7255527