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KayeneKemang Selatan Raya - Jakarta Selatan(021)
Kedai KenangaBulevar Raya BI LA-6/4 - Jakarta Utara(021)4531885
Kemang Chinese Seafood RestaurantKemang Raya 24 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7193854
KemsaLetjen Suprapto Graha Cempaka Mas BI A/5-6 - Jakarta Pusat(021)4215934
Kemsa Citarasa NusantaraLetjen Suprapto Graha Cempaka Mas Bl. A/5-6 - Jakarta Pusat(021)4215934
Kenanga Rumah MakanWijaya II Grand Wijaya Center Bl. F/19 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7210404
Kentucky Fried ChickenLetjen Haryono MT Kav 7 - Jakarta Selatan(021)8301133
Kentucky Fried ChickenBintaro Plaza Bl. S Lt. 2 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7355271
Kentucky Fried ChickenBlok M Plaza 220 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7209126
Kentucky Fried ChickenBandara Kemayoran Komp PRJ Bl. B/1-2 - Jakarta Pusat(021)4216134
Kentucky Fried ChickenBendungan Hilir Raya Kav 34 - Jakarta Pusat(021)5732731
Kentucky Fried ChickenBintaro Raya 16 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7250505
Kentucky Fried ChickenBoulevard Kelapa Gading Mall - Jakarta Utara(021)4530792
Kentucky Fried ChickenBoulevard Raya Bl. LB-1/1-3 - Jakarta Utara(021)4530066
Kentucky Fried ChickenCikini Raya 119 - Jakarta Pusat(021)3158873
Kentucky Fried ChickenCiranjang 1 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7234156
Kentucky Fried ChickenDaan Mogot 163 A - Jakarta Barat(021)5662766
Kentucky Fried ChickenDanau Sunter Utara Bl. G-7 - Jakarta Utara(021)6407431
Kentucky Fried ChickenGajah Mada 19-26 Gajah Mada Plaza 12. Lt. 1 - Jakarta Barat(021)6345947
Kentucky Fried ChickenGn. Sahari 59 - Jakarta Pusat(021)4219531