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A & W RestaurantsBandara Soekarno Hatta Terminal D/D 7 - Jakarta Barat(021)5506018
A & W RestaurantsGed Bandara Soekarno Hatta Ged 128 - Jakarta Barat(021)5500214
A & W RestaurantsDanau Sunter Utr Metro Sunter Plaza - Jakarta Pusat(021)6506469
A & W RestaurantsIskandarsyah II/2, Pasaraya Sarinah Jaya - Jakarta Selatan(021)7207285
A & W RestaurantsKapt P Tendean 45 - Jakarta Selatan(021)5261924
A & W RestaurantsMH Thamrin 9 Djakarta Theatre - Jakarta Pusat(021)3915101
A & W RestaurantsMangga Dua Raya Ged ITC Mangga Dua Lt 1 BI A/66-68 - Jakarta Barat(021)6015515
A & W RestaurantsMetro Pd Indah Mal Pondok Indah - Jakarta Selatan(021)7506825
A & W RestaurantsMuara Karang BI Z-4 - Jakarta Utara(021)6612171
A & W RestaurantsPasar Baru 115 - Jakarta Pusat(021)3813826
A & W RestaurantsPaus 85 - Jakarta Pusat(021)4898320
A & W RestaurantsPluit Indah Raya Mega Mall Pluit Ruko 19/20 - Jakarta Utara(021)6683537
A & W RestaurantsPuri Agung Mall Puri Indah - Jakarta Barat(021)5822452
A & W RestaurantsRS Fatmawati 15 - Jakarta Selatan(021)7504371
A & W RestaurantsSuryopranoto Kompl. Harmoni - Jakarta Pusat(021)3457225
A & W RestaurantsTaman Stasiun Kota - Jakarta Pusat(021)6907246
A & W RestaurantsMal Ciputra LG/43 - Jakarta Barat(021)5606056
A & W RestaurantsMal Taman Anggrek 406 - Jakarta Barat(021)5639071
A & W RestaurantsRuko Tomang Tol Bl. A-I/24-25 - Jakarta Barat(021)5801588
A & W RestaurantsTerminal B/35 Bandara Sukarno Hatta - Jakarta Barat(021)5500217