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You like to eat? You like to have a good time? You want to entertain your clients? You have found the answer!

Who are we?

The people who brings you are a group of Indonesians who really, really like to go out to eat and have a very good time. However, being in Indonesia especially Jakarta, this could be a confusing experience. There is a deficit of free, straight-forward guides for people who have specific needs. Jakarta alone have close to 4000 restaurants, and that does not include foodstalls and other types. That is why we, good citizens like you (;-)) provide you with this easy to use guide to look for places to have a good time. So if you appreciate it, write to us and give us your comments!

For food lovers:

How often have wanted to try out a new restaurant but don't know where to start? Want to try out a new cuisine, but don't know restaurants that have those kind of dish? Want to make a reservation, but don't know the phone number? Don't know their business hours? Want to know more about a restaurant but don't know the kind of food that they serve? The list goes on and on..

Many of us have similar experiences. We want to arrange a meeting with a client in an office building, but don't know exactly where. Well, with, just use our easy to use menu or search engine, and all these problems became yesterday's problems!

For business owners / managers: is a site that caters itself for providing business owners such as you to list and advertise your business in a very customer-friendly format. Advertising with us is very economical, effective, and targeted. can be accessed from all over Indonesia, even the world, providing that they (the prospective customers, not you) have access to the internet.

Our list was started and planned for deployment of restaurants in Jakarta, but slowly we are expanding to include major cities across Indonesia. Check out whether you already are listed in our basic listing, and contact us for our much more advanced regular membership, which provide much more information at a very reasonable subscription fee!

Our Contact Information

PT Daninco Krida Bersama
Jl. Tarumanegara No. 37, Jakarta 15419, Indonesia
Customer Representative: +62 815 9932838
Office Phone / Fax: +62 21 7490896
Email: or use our feedback form

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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Technological Perspectives: Browser Issues

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Technological Perspectives: Open Source from the very start have always used open source software, and will always continue to use them. We firmly believe that in the long run Open Source is the way to go, because it is the best way for business to work in the present environment. believes that business that relies on Closed Source software models in the background will open themselves to future vulnerabilities whether from malice outside attacks, inherent bugs, or businesses that disappear.

Many businesses in Indonesia who have relied on pirated software panicked when the government decided to finally enforce the intellectual rights law (a decision that fully supports). These same businesses would not be in that stuation in the first place had they chose to go the Open Source way

That is why was built in an Open Source Environment. We use:

We use and believe in Open Source. You should too.